“Where the spirit does not cooperate with the hands there is no art”
Leonardo da Vinci

… this is our guideline, the primary source of life where we can get inspiration whenever we start an activity, whatever it is. We must listen to our spirit and to risk it all, even if the planets in our minds are not perfectly aligned, but when our spirit calls upon us to jump, we must jump. At times, we do not need to have the best ideas, paradoxically, we can ignore everything, but if we each choose our own spiritual path, we will be at the height of our abilities. Traditional decorations mainly convey softness and warmth in harmonic atmospheres, made using canonical pathways, but it is not for this that it needs to maintain a ratification.                                              In our spiritual design, we learn to use natural products from the land; from wine to oil, from the earth itself to the maceration of plants, and even to know the capacity of natural fertilizer.
… Our journey will be unique and original, but without a shadow of a doubt, it will be what WE want and create without any homologation of concepts, only by listening to our spirit.