There was a time when man communicated his feelings through art, made of pure passion, at times paid for in blood, the same blood that is still running in our veins today, keeping alive this extraordinary being called Human. DA VINCI ART is a real testimony of what man is capable of creating with his own hands, simply by molding materials into art.
Alberto Marconcini, aka Don Kam, was born during the tumultuous ‘60s. Having grown up in Vinci, near Florence, in the land of the Genius, Alberto is a creative artist with a gothic mood, who transforms his dreams into material reality, ranging from installations, paintings, visual and multisensory effects, graffiti and more. His stimuli? His own dark and articulated imagination, a faithful companion along his life journey. He does not care for conventional routes or accredited courses of business, marketing etc., but prefers to impress others with his ‘outlawart’, which he defines as ARTRA, which is never predictable and always very customized, constantly breaking away from classic modes of creativity and techniques. His continuous artistic propulsion always leads Alberto to tread uncharted territories and cross new paths: from interior decoration and collaboration with international brands, to writing and acting, music and comics…, but always perpetually driven by his primary vision… “customization”.
Alberto D.K. Marconcini
For an unexpected and shrewd work of quotation-recreation, please contact Alberto D.K. Marconcini, author of writings and drawings on old-fashioned but ironically anachronistic yellowed and inked sheets: “DF: Mask” is dedicated to meticulous anatomical studies, but not of human skulls, but of the mask of Darth Vader (in Italian Dart Fener, formerly Anakin Skywalker), the powerful Jedi who went to the dark side of the Force in Star Wars, the film saga started by George Lucas in 1977. Just as the reinterpretations of Leonardo’s naturalistic studies are the sheets with “The Water” and “The Sun” ”, Accompanied by graphic meanders and notes written from right to left.
Doctor Cristina Acidini
President of Accademia delle Arti del Disegno di Firenze
(July 2019)
Marconcini, an artist born exactly 50 years ago, has chosen to remain anonymous, or under a pseudonym, until now. He recreates art every day and still wonders what it means to be an artist: Is everyone an artist? How many of us actually express signs of originality? How many of us succeed in creating anaesthetic and civil utopia?
Marconcini might seem like, but is not, by definition, a Fluxus artist, which was a movement founded by Maciunas and Beuys in 1961 when Alberto was not yet born; but there is in him and in his artwork a certain flow, vital in its becoming.Marconcini was a boy in the seventies, when he affirmed his ‘neoavanguardia’ of materials between memory and anthropology; now it seems he is investigating are invented sourcein his poetic landscape.
Alessandro Vezzosi
Italian Art Critic, Leonardo Scholar
(February 2017)