“Le Avventure di Giglio”

The Florentine donkey

What came out of Alberto Marconcini’s pen is the story of a Florentine donkey. The Adventures of Giglio is the title of the book. His copies helped the Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation with part of its collection in 2019. A contribution for little friends and will continue in the years to come in his charity work.

The story set in the 20s of the last century, speaks of a donkey who lived on a farm in the countryside of Florence very fond of ice cream: it will be precisely because of his passion that he will find himself going through a lot of trouble and living a adventure that will make him a superhero.



Firenze Fantasy March 2019, Fortezza da Basso Florence Italy











Conkarma Istitute – april 2019 – international book day









Book presentation pro Meyer, with Caterina aunt