A long time ago when many things were still to be invented, a man, a Great Genius, wrote for us the wonderful fantahistory, that man was called Leonardo Da Vinci.

Many have been Codes written by him, only 10 have come to our knowledge, so many others have been lost but one of them was only the most futuristic and fantastic code, it was the last written code by him “The Constellation Pact”. He spoke of intergalactic communities, of great wars, of evil and good, of the Great power of Force.

The code was lost and never again found, only after some millenniums, a young man opening an ancient coffer came to possess and divulged the Great Saga to the whole world. That man is called Lucas.
… .Don Kam Lio of Jedi Engineering is recovering for you these old manuscripts of the first great wise Jedi that was Leonardo Da Vinci.












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Vinci Florence Italy, Festa dell’Unicorno, 21-22-23 July 2017






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Vinci Florence Italy, Festa dell’Unicorno, 27-28-29 July 2018