Nature Trail, from my studio to the birth house of Leonardo Da Vinci, passing through mysterious places and paths that saw the childhood of the Genius. I will guide you to a journey outside of the classic tours of tour operators. We will visit my studio-lab called “Macelleria”, inside at an ancient farmhouse of Vinci, where there was a stable now there are my decorations. From there will be proceeding towards Anchiano (birth house) more stops will be made in various natural places, including: The “Pescaia di Doccia”. An ancient stone medieval dam of “Broto delle Quercete”, a brook that passes just beneath the Leonardo’s house and that also wet Vinci. A fantastic natural amphitheater where young Genio loved to go. We will also visit the Aquaria park with its natural installations to retrace the whole life of the Genius. We could admire the reconstruction of the ancient vineyard of Malvasia of Leonardo during his stay in Milan, or the great Moro tree in honor of Ludovico, the pergola overlooking of the Conti Guidi castle, over the last four years of the Genio’s of his life in Amboise and so on.

Continuing our journey up the hills along the green road, we will arrive at the birth house of Leonardo where will be present my exhibition “Lionardo’s Senses”, and the possibility to visit the Leonardo’s house.