Brochure of the “Lionardo’s Senses” multi-sensory exhibition. Inside you will find: The description of the multisensory exhibition, The 15 painted paintings with their descriptions, and in addition the downloadable video with the narrated aphorisms, details of the canvases, but above all the translated music by the most famous manuscript in the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, “L’Uomo Vitruviano”.

Price: 12,00 euro (shipping costs excluded)



A sweetmeats made from honey and sesame. flavours from another age that migrated from east to west, as we presume did Catharina, Leonardo’s mother.

Price: 3,50 euro (shipping costs excluded)



Artistic canvas with pictorial reproductions of the multisensory exhibition “Lionardo’s Senses”.
It can have many uses:
From clothing to furnishings, as murales or more simply for armchairs and sofas.
Measures 150 x 150 cm – Polyester 100% – Made in Italy

Price: 35,00 euro (shipping costs excluded)


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